First Dream Journal

As of now, I have not had a lucid dream. I am in the beginning stages of trying to understand how it all works. I read that if you document your dreams in a dream journal, you have a better shot at reaching lucidity so this is where I will be documenting everything I remember.

Last night, I fell asleep telling myself that I was going to be dreaming. I remember having a conversation with a random woman and all of a sudden seeing a third eye open on her chin. I don’t know what the conversation was about or who the woman was, I only remember that small detail.

In a different part of the dream I can remember a character from the cartoon show Yu-Gi-Oh which I used to play as a kid. I think the main characters name was Yugi … I remember seeing the triangle necklace he used to wear around his neck. I saw a third eye open on his forehead.

I don’t remember any details about any of those encounters except for the third eyes appearing.